PTC Hangu Ativities

1 Tug of War (Rass Kashi) Final competition 13.08.2016 at Police Training College Hangu View
2 Final Cricket Match of Lower Course Suleman Coy VS Recruit Course Ishaq on 17.08.2016 at Police Training College Hanug View
3 Cricket Final Match Law staff VS Drill Staff on 18.08.2016 At Police Training College Hangu View
4 Final Foot Ball Match Drill course VS Recruit Course on 16.08.2016 at PTC Hangu View
5 Cricket Final Match Drill Course (Yousaf Coy) VS Recruit Course (Ishaq Coy) on 23.10.2016 at PTC Hangu View
6 Training on Juvenile Justice & Child Sensitive Investigation on 17 to 21 October 16 at PTC Hangu View
7 TOT Caurse 21.11.2016 To 26.11.2016 View
8 One Day Seminar Hazoor (SAW) ka ANDAZ E TALEEM WA TARBIAT in Auditorium Hall at PTC on Date 07.02.2017 View
9 Commandant PTC Hangu Lunch With Intermediate Course Trainees Dated 08.02.2017 View
10 Muharir Course Term Ending 04.04.2017 View
11 Commandant PTC Darbar With Muharir Course on 10.04.2017 View
12 Final Rugby Match Drill Staff VS ATS Staff on 08.09.2018 View